Saturday, September 5, 2009

People who watch Fox News are NOT MORONS!!!

Just taking a minute from my Labor Day/wedding anniversary weekend to do a quick blog post...

Last night, Jim and I were watching a Tucker Carlson special, "Do You Know What Textbooks Your Children Are Really Reading?" on Fox. It was VERY GOOD and I hope you all caught it. It is on You Tube in 9 minute segments, at least for now. Anyway, at one point I became so enraged I started SCREAMING at the TV. It was when Dr. Gregory Starrett was speaking. The segment involved the "Islamic Saudi Academy" (a school in Virgina which is funded by Saudi Arabia) and this joker was brought in as one of two so called "experts", whose purpose was to find out what exactly was being taught there.

At around 2:05 of this clip, he is speaking and uses the phrase "causal agent", when he suddenly stops, rolls his eyes and says, "let me re-phrase that for a Fox cable news audience."

I was stunned. These people must REALLY think we ARE neanderthals. Amazing...



  1. And of course, we have someone sitting in the White House saying that Islam is a "great religion."

  2. Such insanity!! I hope every one there takes their KIDS OUT OF GOVERNMENT RUN SCHOOLS. That's the only way to stop this. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention Sue. God bless ya pal. :)

  3. I couldn't agree more Sue, I think that these kind of portrayals of us, the attacks; only make us stronger. I mean look at Glenn Beck's ratings after the 'boycott' and such!


    I emailed Always On Watch that I could have thrown my wine glass at the television during that show........UNBELIEVABLE.

    To THINK that in AMERICA we're THIS LOST...after what a good schooling we got. And the country's gone bad SO fast. WHO'd have thought it? Then we see why.
    This is on again,this evening..not sure what time but I'm pretty sure I heard it's playing again.

  5. I was SOOOOO ENRAGED when I heard the crap coming out of Starrett's mouth. I tracked down his e-mail (easy to find at UNC) and sent him a measured, professional response taking him to task for his condescending, ill-conceived words. I even CC'd a copy to the college president!!! I don't know about you good folks, but I don't need to turn on the TV at night only to be greeted by some poncy wind-bag telling ME that I'm stupid.