Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congressman Joe Wilson calls B.O. a liar and Pelosi almost swoons...

Just finished watching "the last desperate gasp" by B.O. to push Obamacare. Waiting to hear which elected official shouted out, "YOU LIE" during the speech. I can't remember exactly what The President was referring to. I believe it was the point right between "we won't cut health care for our Seniors", and "we won't fund abortion".

{EDITED TO ADD}: Found the link on "Gateway Pundit's" blog...He was referring to insuring illegal immigrants. How COULD I have forgotten THAT??? here it is (I couldn't get it to embed.)

Notice how he blamed radio and cable...Fairness Doctrine, anyone????

Anyway, a friend over on Facebook posted this today. I think it is more than appropriate...

Can't wait to start reading the blogs...Personally, I don't think he succeeded in what he needed to do.


  1. Try as I might, I just could not watch the speech last night. I am just so saddened and sickened by all of this. Today I will catch up on what I missed.

  2. As a person who will discuss politics, and religion at home or with anyone who will listen, I am thankful that you do the same! I am teaching my children to ask questions of their elected government SERVANTS! Funny how it has turned out that we are serving them huh?

    Thanks for speaking out!

  3. Good post. Sorry I'm late posting this. I have become a Facebook-aholic. [ha ha] Are you a member then? Hunt for me under "redbirdacres" if interested. Or go to my blog and click the Facebook badge and 'friend' me. You'll have to tell me which Sue you are though. Got one that's not nice that follows Pappy's blog ... well, we won't go there. [big grin]

    Anyway, by now you probably know that the outburst came from Joe Wilson (R-SC). He spoke all of our minds, didn't he?! He's a dandy guy! Isn't it funny that South Carolina is always at the forefront of any Civil War that starts? That's because if one keeps pushing us Southerners too much, one will evenutally pull back a bloody stump. [wink - wink] We bite. You Go Joe! God bless pal.