Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nothing New Under the Sun...

     One of my favorite authors is Taylor Caldwell.   She has written several of my favorite books, but one of my most admired of her works is 'DEAR AND GLORIOUS PHYSICIAN', which was released in 1959.  It is a fictional work based on the life of the Biblical Luke, who was a doctor. 

     I LOVE Ms. Caldwell's writing style.  I just get immersed in her stories...


     The following is an excerpt which I read today.  Keep in mind, she is writing about it was in Jesus' time, but written in 1959.  The quote is part of a conversation taking place within the story.  (By the way, I am not passing judgment in the use of the term "betters", but obviously her fictional character was.  I do not know if Ms. Caldwell shared the same mindset, nor do I care.)  The similarities between Rome and our country today are pretty GLARING, don't you  think?
"And there are the rabble, the market-place rabble, who have no love for their country or their God - the petulant, lightless rabble which afflict all cities and all nations, demanding always, greedy, eager for sport, with lusty animal appetites, quarrelsome, milling restlessly, incapable of learning anything, contentious and dependent.  Have you not such a rabble in Rome, and will not Rome die of them, and the taxation they impose on their betters for their idle support?"
       It sure sounds like Rome had much of the same problems we do.  Especially in light of the news of a major American city having to sign itself into bankruptcy! Detroit is the biggest city to do so, but here is a link of lesser known cities/counties which have had to do the same, interestingly enough, since January 2010.  Hmmmmm....

     Here is another quote, also SO SIMILAR to what America is going through right now. 

"Why should man hate other men, out of envy or spite or because they are not of his race or color  That question was asked eons ago and it grows stale and dull with the asking.  But it is the tragedy of man."
      "... it grows stale and dull with the asking."  IT SURE DOES!

 One more quote from the book.  It is just too good to pass up.

"If there were no taxes there would be no money for soldiers, and if there were no soldiers there would be no wars and no conquests, and if there were no wars and no conquests men could then learn to live together in peace.  But that is not what governments want!  They make wars of out greed and in the desire for profits."

     And not just what governments want.  It is the people who are behind the scenes...running the governments...who control the purse strings (AND THE LAP DOG MEDIA) who want war.  But that is another topic for another post. 

     I just thought it was interesting how Ms. Caldwell showed in her work that indeed, there is nothing new under the sun...




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