Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Love Of God...

Taking time out from "politics" to dwell on the "religion" aspect. However, it is not about RELIGION...rather, it is about a RELATIONSHIP. Hope everyone reading this can feel the love of God...

Just posted this on my Facebook page and thought it needed to be shared further.

HALLELUJAH, what a song! HALLELUJAH, What a Savior they are singing about!

If mere mortals can sing like this, can you imagine what Heaven is going to sound like? I cannot.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday...


  1. Who are the shameless ones here. tell me Savage, Limbaugh, Robertson, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, O'reily, etc.. Take your pick..
    As Haiti reeled and staggered and the rest of the world rushed to the aid of a humble, beleaguered people, two icons of American conservatism reared up last week and offered analysis of the earthquake that has devastated the impoverished island nation. The Rev. Pat Robertson opined on his program, "The 700 Club," that Haiti's woes stem from the fact that it made a deal with the devil two centuries ago and now is "cursed." Rush Limbaugh suggested the relief effort would "play right into" President Obama's hands, allowing him to appear "humanitarian, compassionate" and thus, "burnish" his standing within the African-American community.

    It left me wondering, just for the briefest of seconds, whether conservatism has a conscience, whether conservatism has a soul.

    But the Limbaughs and Robertsons of the world say some variation of, God hates you. Or, You had it coming. They call that conservative.Pathetic? Pathetic indeed!A fine representation of conservatism .. I'm sure you're quite proud of yourselves.
    But the Limbaughs and Robertsons of the world say some variation of, God hates you. Or, You had it coming. They call that conservative.

    I call it obscene.

  2. HUH??? Where did YOU come from??? So few people stop by my blog...and there is no way to go back to your source...Makes me wonder,have I just been hacked???? {"Ellie Light"-like? Maybe based solely on the name of my blog?}

    If not...if you are a real person who just "stumbled" (LOL) upon it, let me respond to your comment.(You know, I DID pray that this post {video} would speak to someone. Hmmm)

    I can tell you are angry. And, IMHO, that anger understandably comes from a wrong perception of conservatives, or more importantly, who God is. You are choosing to base your comment about 'conservativism/religion' on 2 people's remarks? WOW! Sorry, but that sounds pretty feeble to me. Anyway, no matter what liberals choose to believe is politically correct, God DOES judge sin. You stated, "But the Limbaughs and Robertsons of the world say some variation of, God hates you. Or, You had it coming." That is NOT TRUE, my friend!

    God always LOVES the sinner, but also always HATES the sin! He wouldn't be Holy if he just winked at our sins and let them slide. NOT talking about the nation of Haiti, here, btw... You know, I have a migraine right now and probably am not in the best state of mind to answer you. But, regardless of what you choose to believe, God loves you, the people of Haiti, "Savage, Limbaugh, Robertson, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, O'reily, etc", as well as Obama and all his Czars, Pelosi, Reid, Olberman, Matthews, even Frank and Maddow, believe that or not...

    I pray you find a TRUE knowledge of God, my friend...seriously! Come back to my blog anytime. You are always welcome.

  3. Heaven is a wonderful place.
    Filled with glory and grace.
    I wanna to see my Savior's face,
    'cause Heaven is a wonderful place.

    I think that comes from a children's Bible series "Psalty". I bought those for our daughter when she was little.

    Right Truth

  4. You may have been hacked Sue, But whether this comment was legitimate or not I thought your response was appropriate. I also hope you get over your migraine soon.Take care and it was an uplifting post.

  5. You've been hacked Sue! "rwnobles" is a Troll. Just delete the message and consider the source. It is a Hate Monger.

    BTW, very good message. Praise Jesus for such wonderful folks as you. Keep up the good work gal! :)

  6. Pat Robertson is an idiot, always has been. He certainly does not speak for me or any conservative Christian I know.

    Right Truth

  7. Amen. A relationship, not a religion.

  8. Happy Valentines day to you and all your readers. .

  9. It's so wonderful that it was Christians and Conservatives in Haiti helping before the quake even hit, isn't it? "the Love of God..."

    Sue, this is such an important post and I LOVE that video...thanks. I've come by about 10 times and thought I had commented and just checked and I had not. I'm so sorry....
    God bless you and yours... Z