Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got insurance??? Better watch this...

I found this great video over at "Pundit & Pundette".

If you consider yourself a Middle Class American, and presently have health insurance, I suggest you watch this video. And they called Bill Clinton, "Slick"... HA! He can't hold a candle to this guy!


  1. oh, please don't make me read that..I'm SO WORRIED about my private insurance. God help us! I will read it right after finishing my comment here.
    I want to thank you for coming by the Sunday Faith Blog but I thought you would love the addition I wrote after church....if you find the time, come back and read, you'll LOVE IT :-) to make me depressed and read your post ...hee hee! I AM!!

  2. If this passes, the politicans better wear bullet proof vests. That's all I'm gonna say. [wink] Georgians, for the most part, are ready to go to war to protect our rights.

  3. The Dimwits are willing to sacrifice their own to get this passed so they can claim a victory for their messiah OBOZO. The leadership for the most part could care less if they go into defeat in the fall but then they don't think they will because they believe that folks will fall into line once it is passed and just give up and then it will be easy to pass Crap and Tax even without a majority should they loose a few seats. Dodd and the others are bailing not because of health care backlash but because they are crooks and know that jail time is a comin' and that OBOZO will throw them under the bus. If Harry Dingy gets his language into the bill it will be virtually impossible to rescind it. So he could care less about anything but passage.
    The people care , as Sparky said, and it could get downright nasty. That's all I'm gonna say on that subject.