Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a wonderful world...

Yesterday, my only child was the maid of honor at what turned out to be a beautiful outdoor wedding. NOTHING could have made me miss seeing her in it...except for what has been the thorn in my side for years...migraines. I tried so hard to not be sick. But nothing worked. I ended up not being able to go. Because of that, I spent the bulk of the day questioning God and asking, "Why? Why, today of all days???" I felt so sorry for myself! My husband attended and brought back pictures, which made me cry even harder. Even though I get angry at my heavenly Father...even though I scream and cry and throw temper tantrums sometimes, I can never remain angry at Him for long. I always come back to the realization that He is the ONLY one who truly loves me unconditionally, now and forever, no matter what I do, say or think. He reminded me of others who are in so much more pain...not just for a day or two, here and there. God also reminded me His ways are not my ways. In this, and in all things...

Here are some pics of what I missed yesterday, but thank God I have a wonderful husband who was able to go and at least get these for me. (Thank you, Jim...for everything!)

I guess because I was so depressed yesterday...and still didn't feel well enough to go church this morning...when I saw this old movie ("Good Morning, Vietnam"), while channel surfing, it made me very sad when I viewed this particular part. Even after all these years and all the devastation, we haven't learned one single thing.

Rereading this, it seems strange to post such a happy event with such a sorrowful one. The movie clip reminded me of what is going on in Iran right now and I just wanted to reiterate how seemingly we humans are doomed to repeat the past without ever learning anything. It also serves as a reminder that only God has control over ALL the madness! He is with us in our happiness... and our sadness.

(My brain is still a little "fuzzy", so I HOPE all these ramblings make some semblance of sense!)


  1. It looked like a beautiful day indeed. May the Lord deliver you fully from the migraines that befall you at times (Jeremiah 32:17.)

    Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth. --Ps 124:8

    Keep pressing on, there is another beautiful day coming.

  2. THANK YOU, Bryan, for those kind words and uplifting verses!

  3. Oh, and isn't it just like a MAN not to get more of the bride!? (KIDDING, I"m sure he did...i just love to look at wedding shots)
    Your daughter looks GORGEOUS! And what an honor.
    HOney, I had 3 day sick (stomach)migraines at least once a month till I hit about 50..nary a once since ...I pray that for you.
    I am SO SO SORRY you suffer from them, too. And OH, did I RANT AT GOD "WHY ME?" "Everybody ELSE is THERE" "YOu must HATE can't BE THERE!" (wrong!) (such a drama queen, but YOU KNOW!)
    And, of course, who did I run to for "please take away this headache"? The one I'd just told I didn't believe in him!

    So, I feel your pain and I celebrate the beautiful pictures.....and that you have such a very lovely daughter and Jim, kind enough to bring the wedding home to you! My Mr. Z is a great guy, too. we're very lucky ladies!
    Feel better..I know that fuzzy next-day

  4. Sue,

    I'm sorry to hear about your headache and that you missed the wedding. I know how disappointed you must have been.

    Lauren looked beautiful! From these photo's I think Jim was so proud of her he forgot about the bride! It's a good thing he was not the official photographer! LOL! I also love those bridesmaid dresses. I can definitley see Lauren wearing that dress again.

    Call me when your feeling better and we'll drop in on Mindy.

  5. So sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. Wonderful to be able to see pictures instantly- a second best, I know.

    Love your blog and added it to my list!

  6. Hi Sue, Excuse me for posting here with a non-related object (I couldn't find your e-mail). Anyway, "Wiregrass" is my husband of nearly 30 years and he is dealing with reaccuring kidney stones. He is currently in the hospital on morphine and a strict diet. He may have more surgery tomorrow, not sure yet. :o) That's what all the prayers and warm wishes are about. Thanks for asking and for your kindess! Love your blog and am now following. Christian ((Hugs)) Pamela

  7. Do not despair; the Lord is control of all things. Trust in Him and loose yourself in His Word.

    I love the graphic of Jesus knocking on the UN building. Where did you find it? May I use it on my blog?

  8. How disappointing... Today, I put Elisabeth Elliot's Devotionals in my sidebar...a very good one for today in light of current events...but one recently really spoke to me. It was about offering our disappointments to the Lord as a sacrifice. I'd say that missing such a beautiful wedding was a sacrifice. Your daughter is beautiful!

    No, no, "nuanced" is a perfectly good word. I rather liked it. I'm not sure that I live up to it, but I'll try. :D

    I have just been looking around...I see that we're on the same page about the birth certificate...mine links to the story about Ebay. Gotta wonder...

    Have fun with this blog and I will check in from time to time if my blood pressure can take it.

  9. Hi Sue,
    What an interesting blog you have here. I'm afraid I'm a bit ignorant of American politics, well a lot probably. Maybe this is one enjoyable way of improving my knowledge on the subject.
    Nice to be back anyway, and thank you for your kind words.
    What a huge dissapointment that you could not see your daughter as Maid of Honor. Migraines are so dibilitating, no wonder you questioned why. I hope you have recovered now. The photos are fabulous

  10. Sorry you missed the wedding.
    Of course the whole nature of migraines is that the tension experienced through a big event or wanting to do something so badly is what canbring them on which I am sure you know.

    My Mother suffered them all her life and I did for a period while taking HRT. Not pleasant and very frustrating. The very thing that helps is the hardest thing to do - relax. You are right, prophesy is being played out before out eyes and thatg is how it ws meant to be.

  11. Have you checked with your doctor about the many new medications to help prevent migraines? It's a vile medical problem and the suffering is terrible. I don't have them, but my mother did and my sister-in-law does.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth