Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My new blog...AKA..."come out and be ye separate"

I have been thinking for awhile now about starting a new that will be a totally separate place in which to house my more controversial posts...

I have named my new blog "POLITICS AND RELIGION".

(okay, so it isn't original, but it is controversial. A lot of people think these two things should never be discussed. Not only do I plan on discussing them, but I intend to show how they are absolutely intertwined. In my opinion, if you are reading headlines, you are reading the end of the Bible!)

I hope you will join me on both my may suit your fancy more than another, but they are both "me".

I am going to initiate my new blog with some 'toons I found tonight...(if you are having trouble reading them, just double click to get a better view)

and last but not least

My new blog will continue to evolve and be a work in progress. I hope someone out there will be enlightened, enraged, but most of all encouraged in the knowledge that our God is in control of this mess and He is COMING SOON FOR HIS OWN!!!


  1. OK, NOW I'm on the new blog. Very nice format and theme. I will list it on my blog......... that no one reads anyway.

  2. Greg,
    Thanks for being my very first comment. I feel the same way sometimes (like nobody reads my blog) but you might be suprized...I have had people at church tell me they read my blog, but they never comment. Most of the time, I blog for myself...just to "get it out". LOL

    I STILL am overwhelmed by Facebook...

  3. I can't wait to read your posts! Great idea! I will probably continue to post my controversial posts on my blog, mixing it all up from time to time(resulting in hate mail!)