Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Lord, what FOOLS these mortals be..."


  Since I am convinced God is totally in control, even though I am devastated by yesterday's election outcome, I am not surprised.  God gave this country exactly what it deserved.  Americans have chosen to exclude God from our government, our schools, our homes and yes, even from our churches.  Why shouldn't God allow us to choose the most godless, humanistic, America-hating, racist, lying, baby-killing, Jew-hating Socialist we could find to be our President?

     The following are some links to some thoughts from my some of my blogging friends who can express themselves much more eloquently than me...

From Fellowship of the Minds:

10 things that will happen now that Obama’s reelected:

Read 'em and weep...


From Left Coast Rebel:

"Yesterday my blog, WhatWeThinkandWhy, had a lot more visitors than normal.

Why? I didn't write anything. Nothing new there. No emails went out to announce a new blog post. No last minute advice on the election. No predictions.

What were those visitors looking for? I don't know. But whatever they hoped to find, they didn't find it. That blog had long ago made the case for freedom and against dependency on government. There was nothing left to be said before the American people went to polls to decide if they wanted to be Europeans or stick with the American dream of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Yesterday they chose the Nanny State. That's what the election was about. It doesn't matter what you thought it was about, or what your neighbor thought it was about. It doesn't matter if your team was blue or red.

And sorry to say, that decision is irreversible. Normally after one party loses they lick their wounds and start working on the next election. But not this time.

Oh, they will go through the motions. And many will buy into the notion that in the next election people will right the wrongs. Surely the people will come to their senses. Sorry folks, not this time.

There are now more people beholden to government for their sustenance than those who are not. And in four years there will be many, many more. More government employees. More people getting money from government programs. More people who have children and other family members who will lose their jobs or benefits if the government ever shrinks.

They will never vote for that to happen. Whatever or whomever people may vote for, they never vote against themselves. The American experiment has failed. It was just as had been predicted by so many over the last two hundred years who understood human nature.

The election was not about Romney. He had no plan or ability to save us from ourselves. The best he could have done would have been to buy some time. He was after all, a moderate Democrat. He thinks government has the answers. He is wrong.

And the election wasn't about how bad Obama is. He is merely a reflection of the attitudes of most of the people. He can get back to the golf course now. I don't blame him. That's what I'm going to do.

So now we will learn for the first time what it feels like to be in a country which is in decline. The Europeans have known that feeling for a long time. We'll get used to it too.

My only advice to anyone who still wants it is this; If you don't have a helmet you better go and get one. And if you have one, you better put it on. Because there is some heavy shrapnel heading our way. Not tomorrow, but sooner than anyone thinks.

And your team, no matter what color it was, won't help you now."  {italics mine}


Also, from Fellowship of the Minds:

“Every nation has the government it deserves.”
"So observed a very wise man — Count Joseph-Marie de Maistre (1753-1821), a French philosopher and diplomat.

Yesterday, you voted for a thoroughly evil man and evil party. In so doing, you voted for your own doom. The next four years will be four years of one financial disaster after another. The next four years will see your constitutional freedoms fall, one after another. And if you complain, you sheeple will finally discover:
For as long as Obama, the Demonrats, and WordPress choose to keep the Internet free, Fellowship of the Minds will continue to chronicle Amerika’s descent into the abyss. Just don’t be surprised when one morning you fire up your computer to come on FOTM to discover we’re not around any more. When that day comes, don’t say I haven’t warned you….

In sorrow,


From Hope n' Change:

"Well that could have gone better! Hope n' Change Cartoons is frankly stunned that American voters (not all of them, but far too many) clearly lack the intellectual capacity of garden vegetables.

In seriousness, and sadness, it seems that the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama was not about a failure of the Right to mount good candidates (we still like Romney/Ryan), but in a broader failure of our nation as a whole. The majority of people did not cast votes based on good information, careful analysis, selflessness, or patriotism. Instead, they made their priorities skin color, class hatred, greed, and vaginal maintenance.

The worst president in history carefully structured his campaign to appeal to the worst elements of American society. And while he's rejected the abundant resources of coal, gas, and oil in our country, Barack Obama has stripmined a motherlode of American ignorance, hate, and envy."



From GeeeeeeZ!:  (One of my favorites...)

"USSA Finally Arrives
We very clearly have so much to be thankful for in this country.

To begin with, we owe a debt of gratitude to the millions of voters who are, frankly, too stupid to cast ballots, and whose balloting behavior is more dictated by what they might receive free of charge than by what is in our nation’s best interest.

We’d like to thank all the utter morons who think that voting skin color somehow evens the score for the myths of white oppression foisted upon them by progressives lo these past five decades.

We are thankful for the numb-nuts Cesar Chavez who know his brother Barack Hussein Obama better than do most voters, and of course, for our friend Vladimir Putin, who understands that the United States will be far more flexible over the next four years.

Thanks also to Valarie Jarrett, who promises revenge to anyone who ever stood up to Barack Hussein Obama and his mission to destroy the United States of America, in a very fundamental way.

We’d like to think Sandra Fluke, who shared with us parts of her body not even a drunken sailor should want to touch, if he was sober and knew what was good for him. Yes, we’re happy to pay $3,000.00 a year for your sexual toys and contraceptives.

And thank you for Obama-Care, which will benefit no one except in the fulfillment of Barack Hussein Obama’s intention to bankrupt every single American —because, you see, even the poorest American is 100 times richer than people who are living in fourth-world cesspools, and these are the people to whom Obama intends to redistribute our income. It is the dream from his father, you see.

And we should like to thank all the American voters who lined up for hours, ensuring that Mr. Obama extends our debt to more than $20 trillion in the next four years.

And please, all you folks from other countries … come on over, help yourselves to our benefits and transform America into the same crap hole where you lived before coming here. And remember, it is your right to take that, which doesn’t belong to you because you never earned it.

And we’d like to welcome everyone to the United Socialist States of America (USSA) … because that’s where you’ve decided to take America; because you think that’s where we belong. And we do hope you enjoy the ride because this country is finished."


From Thoughts From a Conservative Mom:

"I guess Americans have decided that they haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Obama will lead us down the road to Greece. Our own apathy and disregard for the Biblical principles of liberty, government and economics have led us down this path. Only a revival can save our nation now. Lord, we lay our future in your hands.

Here’s what we need to prepare for:

The mask will now come off. Obama doesn’t have to worry about re-election and will push hard to advance his Marxist agenda with no pretense of being a “moderate.”

A flood of regulations that Obama kept on hold and the media hid until after the election will start going into effect, strangling struggling businesses.

Taxmageddon – a record $494 billion tax hike – will go into effect on January 1st, 2013, plunging us into even deeper recession.

The Left will start going after the internet, citizen journalism, social media and talk radio – any competition to the Left-wing propagandist media.

Obama and the Democrat-controlled senate will begin ceding our national sovereignty to the United Nations, one treaty at a time. Parental rights, gun rights, and internet freedom are especially under threat.

Obamacare will go into full effect, bankrupting private providers and putting America on the road to single-payer, as was intended.

Planned Parenthood will expand on the taxpayer dime, preparing to perform thousands of abortions via socialized medicine.

A direct assault on religious liberty as Obama’s HHS forces religious business owners to pay for abortions, and tries to force the Catholic church – the largest competitor to the Welfare State – out of the health care industry and other charities altogether.

With the Republicans still controlling congress, Obama will simply go around them and rule by executive diktat. Republicans will have to grow the spine needed to hold him in check.

With Democrats still in control of the senate, no budgets will be passed. All of Obama’s judges and appointments will be confirmed. And if they aren’t, he’ll go ahead and appoint them anyway.

Obama will likely appoint at least two more activist judges to lifetime appointments in the Supreme Court. The senate will confirm them.

Obama will continue to block drilling and natural gas development, driving up gas prices and making us dangerously dependent on the volatile Middle East while he dumps billions more into “green” energy subsidies.

Obama’s EPA will destroy the coal industry, causing electricity rates to skyrocket, as he imposes thousands more “green” regulations on what’s left of our manufacturing and other industries.

Illegal aliens will be granted amnesty, voting rights and welfare benefits.

Our border will remain unprotected as drug cartels and terrorists invade with impunity.

Obama will continue to funnel money to the Muslim Brotherhood and weapons to terrorists.

Israel will be forced to attack Iran to prevent it from going nuclear. Obama will not support them. The Muslim world will not be afraid of action from the United States, and will feel free to join forces to destroy Israel.

Christian persecution across the globe will intensify, as the Obama administration looks the other way.

Obama’s spending spree will continue, likely bringing our national debt to a suicidal $22 Trillion before 2016.

More people will be forced into dependency on food stamps and other government programs as the Cloward-Piven strategy accelerates.

The Fed will continue to print more money out of thin air, creating hyperinflation.

We will continue on the road towards Greece. We must be prepared to feed and defend our loved ones, and care for the needy if and when the welfare state collapses.

These last four years have been exhausting. After this loss, it’s tempting to just put our heads back under the covers and give up.

But we can’t.

We have no choice but to fight back with every resource at our disposal. If we give up, our children and grandchildren will suffer under the tyranny of the USSA, while the rest of the world descends into chaos.

I can’t allow that to happen while there is still breath in my body to fight it."


From Faultline USA:  (Another of my favorites...)

"America made a decision yesterday to turn its back on constitutional government and go voluntarily into slavery.

I had thought better of my country and my countrymen, but I was wrong.

This America is not the America I remember. This is not the America of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc. No. This is Obama's America, a mediocre, has been, washed-up, pathetic, pitiful husk of its former self.

America has, indeed, turned a corner, away from freedom and constitutional government and embraced Marxism and communism -- and -- its own death as a nation. "In a commentary at WND Joseph Farah says: "That's what Obama represents to me - God's judgment on a people who have turned away from Him and His ways and from everything for which our founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor." You should read the entire article here: "

Dear reader, if you think things have been bad in America in the recent past, just wait 'til after January 20th. We are headed for the worst recession since the Great Depression. It will make the one we have just come out of seem like a Sunday School picnic.

Americans who revere the 2nd Amendment had better gather all the arms and ammunition you can afford -- and hoard it. I suspect you -- and I -- will need it soon.

My country, which had been fighting for its life -- died last night. The eagle is NOT the Phoenix. It cannot rise from the ashes. It is finished."  {emphasis, mine}

"It is sad beyond measure to see what this generation of Americans has done to their country and, by extension, to the world. You have murdered the last best hope of mankind on this planet. It has been suggested that Obama is God's Judgment on the people of America. I have come to believe that. How else can one explain the "blindness" to self destruction demonstrated by the American electorate yesterday.

As a wee lad I was reminded often on Sunday mornings by my old country preacher that "God will not be mocked." How right he was! America has mocked God with our multiculturalism, our inclusiveness, our tolerance of heinous sins such as the murder of unborn babies and homosexuality, and removing God from the public square, just to name a tiny fraction of our sinful infractions. Did we think God would not notice?

No matter what you may have been taught -- God is not a tolerant God. There is a price to be paid for what America has done. We have only just begun to feel the wrath about to poured out on this nation."


From I Hate the Media:

"For the first time in my life, I am NOT proud of my country. Today, I am ashamed to be an American.

PS: If we can't beat the most incompetent, worthless, arrogant, sorry jackass to ever slither across the floor of the Oval Office, we need to start another party." {Which Jim and I said FOUR YEARS AGO!!!}
"The election showed that a majority are now koolaid drinkers. They can be swayed by lies and propaganda. As opposition I do not believe we can rely on the current GOP. Do you think they will now seriously investigate Bengazi with the media broadcasting a steady drumbeat of bipartisanship? All corruption will be papered over to go along to get along. This play nice with the enemy stuff is a perpetual loser and the policy of cowards. The dems are mean nasty liars and cheaters when it comes to politics. Any serious contender now will have to have the guts to get down in the gutter with these fiends and challenge them alike. Until the GOP starts to seriously challenge the dem cheating and propaganda they will be out of power."

"If our military would arise against the Obama administration in a coup, they would have my full support. Now, because I dare post such a thing, I suppose the NSA has noticed, they'll inform Valerie Jarrett and you shall hear from me no more after my internment. See you at the FEMA camps, Friends.

America, I hardly knew thee. RIP."


And last, but not least...From Pundit and Pundette:

"I keep seeing headlines about assisted suicide and think they're referring to what the voters did last night to the United States of America.

The tipping point has been reached. Obama's disastrous policies and glaring failures, domestic and foreign, are acceptable to more than half of the electorate. Back in August Mark Steyn wrote:

This election represents the last exit ramp before the death spiral.
And with their eyes wide open, voters chose to keep the foot on the accelerator and fly past the exit."


I am done.  I am glad I am not alone in my sorrow.  Thanking God for STILL being in control!!!



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  1. Exactly right on the blog traffic. People are searching for reasons... Why the election turned out the way it did. What do we do to save ourselves and our country from devolving? How do we turn this around in 4 years? So many questions and so few answers. People are commiserating with each other more than anything.

    Right Truth