Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Angels are Weeping...

     It has been over 24 hours since a lone gunman killed his mother, gained entrance into Sandy Hook Elementary School and entered infamy.  The lame stream media has had NOTHING but constant coverage of this tragedy since the news first broke.  I am not sure exactly how I feel about that, other than why is it considered "important news" to shove a microphone in someone's face who knew the murderer years ago?  Or ask the child survivors to relate what they saw, heard, and oh yes...most importantly...what they FELT?  I am sorry, but that is outrageous to me.  Is THAT truly necessary?????????  Leave these poor children alone!  Haven't they suffered enough?  Leave it to the experts to help these children re-live the horror in order to work through their PTSD...not some moron with a microphone and a press pass!

     Right on cue, AS SOON as the news broke, it became a political issue. Well intentioned, I am sure, left leaning liberal "progressives" came crawling out of the woodwork DEMANDING GUN CONTROL LAWS.  Even BHO jumped on the bandwagon in his "PRESIDENTAL" news conference...The same president who PROMISED to bring us together as a nation chose the occasion of the murder of what, 27 innocent people...mostly further his agenda.  That infuriated me.  Ditto his fake tears.  I am sorry.  I would HOPE and PRAY that the man has at least one ounce of human decency in him.  SURELY he does love his children!  (Michelle, well, not commenting...) but nobody can convince me he was truly crying...but God forgive me if I am wrong!

      Anyone who knows the Bible...and many who don't...know what direction this world is headed...  a One World Goverment. What people who don't know or believe the Bible also don't know is that this OWG will be controlled by Satan and his minions.  The atrocity which was committed yesterday is just another stepping stone in his plan.  Make no mistake.  Just like Hitler, the powers that be are coming after our guns.  Disarm the innocent. In the words of BHO's buddy, Rahm Emanuel, "Don't let a serious crisis go to waste."  And this is a VERY SERIOUS CRISIS.  The murder of innocent children.  It is just maddening to me that the left is blinded to the truth. 


            I hope whoever reads this will also read the comments at the end of this website.  Here are some random comments: 

  • You mean, pass really, really tough gun control laws ... like Norway did??
  • And the way to defeat this:
    Oh, you're for gun control? Tell me more about how no one can buy illegal drugs in this country.
  • I would like to hear them explain how the Mexi drug cartels got a hold of more than 2,000 guns as part of Barry and Eric's Fast & Furious operation. They ignore that, but exploit this. Satan is proud of his minions in the Obama Nation.
  • When someone runs over twenty kids at a playground, will we ban cars?
  • 'This'? What is 'this'? This kid had a PERSONALITY DISORDER; the guns didn't. Mentally ill people intent on killing will always find a weapon. Did you hear about the maniac who went on a stabbing rampage in a Chinese school today?
  • You are right. It's time to take a serious look on how we handle mental illneess , and why we dont institutionalize people like the Colorado Joker and today's shooter .
    American's have always had guns , per capita far more had them in the past, yet there wasnt' any shootings of little children.
    The horror began when modern mental health turned towards the "miracle" of drugs to fix their patients enough to allow them to walk among us. We sent the Joker to college instead of the lunny bin where he'd not been able to hurt anyone.

    All I know is that I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that God is still on His throne...that He still has control of this pitiful world.  My prayer is for the parents and families of these precious, innocent children and adults that were so savagely taken out of this world.  There is NO comfort but Jesus.  I can only pray they turn to Him for help...



Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just when I needed You most...

I was reading from my Charles Stanley monthly In Touch magazine this morning. In this month's issue is an article written by Joanna Weaver about Mrs. Charles (Lettie B.) Cowman.  She summed up exactly how I feel about the devotional, "Springs in the Valley".  My sister-in-law (Gail) gave me a well-worn copy when my first husband left me.  It gave me so much comfort in those years.  It is now held together by a rubber band and has many, many highlighted passages (with dates inserted by me as particular passages spoke directly to me).

The Lord used this wonderful woman to speak to my broken heart years after she wrote of her own heartaches.  And isn't that exactly why we go through the trials we have to endure in this life?  To help others who are experiencing the same hurts and be able to offer the help that only the Lord can give.  That's what my Bible teaches, therefore that is what I believe.

Here is the entire article...

"Lettie B. Cowman:  Communion in the Desert, by Joanna Weaver

Browsing for a devotional one day, I discovered a dual edition of Lettie B. Cowman's classics, Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley.  The price was good, so I picked it up to use in my quiet time with the Lord.  But at the time, I found Cowman's 1920s language a bit antiquated and her subject matter depressing.  So I set it on the shelf, and there it stayed.

     That is, until a few years later when I hit a personal storm like none I'd ever encountered.  Suddenly, the devotions I'd dismissed became like bread and water to my spirit and the comforting light I needed to navigate this new, intensely dark night of my soul.

     Cowman, a lifelong missionary, wrote and compiled these classics throughout her husband Charles' long illness and after his eventual death.  Her words, born of both deep suffering and communion with the Lord, often brought me to tears during my difficult multi-year period.  They did more than comfort me - they taught me the kind of intimate prayer that one learns in the valleys of life.

     Cowman's words continue to shape my life.  God uses them to remind me gently, and at times pointedly, that it isn't my situation that needs changing - it's my heart.  But most of all, He speaks through these words of wisdom to assure me that I'm never alone.  For He promises to be the spring in my darkest valley and a stream of living water in my driest desert."

Ms. Weaver summed it up very nicely in those words.  If you are experiencing a deep, dark valley in your life, turn to the only One who gives comfort and peace, beyond human understanding. {Philippians 4:7 - "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."}

And for those of you who do find the older version hard to understand, Jim Reimann has edited Streams in the Desert into more modern language.  As for me, I shall ALWAYS prefer the King James version of the Bible to all others.  The older languages speak to me in a way no other has ever been able to do.

Mrs. Cowman often used others' words in her daily devotionals.  Here is a sampling from my preferred original version...

"December 11  'The LORD binded up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wounds.'  {Isaiah 30:26}

     When some friend has proved untrue - betrayed your simple trust; used you for his selfish end, and trampled in the dust the Past, with all its memories, and all its sacred ties, the light is blotted from the sky - for something in you dies.
     Bless your false and faithless friend, just smile and pass along - God must be the judge of it:  He knows the right and wrong...Life is short - don't waste the hours by brooding on the past;  His great laws are good and just; Truth conquers at the last.
     Red and deep our wounds may be - but after all the pain - God's own finger touches us, and we are healed again...With faith restored, and trust renewed - we look toward the stars - the world will see the smiles we have - but God will see the scars.    -  Scars, by Patience Strong

         'Love grows stronger when assailed;
          Love conquers where all else has failed.
          Love ever blesses those who curse;
          Love gives the better for the worse.
          Love unbinds others by its bonds;
          Love pours forgiveness from its wounds.'

                        Lord, let me love like Thee!"