Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas...What have we become???

As this Christmas season hits full stride, this video really saddened me. Jesus is STILL the reason for the Season...winter solistice or not. It doesn't matter which day He was born on. It only matters that He was!
Christmas is supposed to be about the LOVE of God...

NOT this madness... LINK

Have we truly morphed into this? God help us!!!

Hat tip to Green Mountains Homesteading. Thank you for posting!


  1. Pretty sad isn't it? I watched some on the news and could not understand it. I'm one of the biggest bargain shoppers around. I love getting something that I want or need for the cheapest price possible. I can enjoy it more when I know I got a good deal. But pushing and shoving other humans to get that bargain is beyond my imagination. Not worth it.

    Right Truth

  2. Exactly true! Great job on this post.

  3. I read in the New York Post today that the YMCA will no longer be having Santa Clause at their family parties, and is replacing him with Frosty the Snowman.