Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who let THIS guy back in???


I would rather have these 2 hanging around with BHO...

In my opinion, it would be a whole lot less dangerous for our country...

On another note, what is going to happen in Copenhagen in 7 days? Does anybody think we will sign?


  1. He'll sign. But I truly think it won't mean anything. He's nothing without Congress backing him up. 'Course, he's nothing but an empty suit anyway.

    Oh, and Obuma-Pelosi-Reid, the 3 headed Hydra from hell, had to let Jones back in.

  2. He will sign as a token response to the rest of the world knowing that he will not be able to force his "crap and tax" through Congress. However it will show that he is all for the redistribution of wealth as he set forth in his bill as a senator called Global Poverty Bill. It contains much of the same language as the G-20 and this fiasco in Copenhagen on reduction of carbon and such.
    He knows that without some leverage the "crap and tax" is dead but as I said almost a year ago he will find a way to slip this in the backdoor. The EPA is now doing the deed for him at least as threat. Note that the same Dems in Congress who were saying that the EPA was the greatest thing since sliced bread are now calling it evil when compared to "crap and tax". John (I served in vietnam)Kerry was one of the chief instigators of this rhetoric just in recent days.
    Regardless of what it takes "the One" will find a way of doing his puppet masters (George Soros)bidding and put the US in the position of paying out through the nose with our tax money to other useless 3rd world countries. But what is the difference, they take from the productive here and give it to the most non-productive segment of the population in the US.
    He will be hailed as savior of the planet and some will seek to make him king of the world. After all is that not what he has been on the campaign trail for over two years to achieve?