Saturday, October 3, 2009

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with either 'Politics' or 'Religion', but... this REALLY the height of fashion???? {Please double click on the picture for a better view}

I assume the FLOTUS should be considered the very epitome of haute couture, but I just don't get it...WHY do you have to wear three different (what appears to me to be) pieces of costume jewelry on that dress? I know I am just a country hick from the boondocks who has NO IDEA how the other half lives, but come on! Am I missing something? I guess Oprah thinks she is suave...apparently OW didn't offer MO any fashion advice. Wonder if she wanted to...

I know this is totally a useless blog post, but it just BUGGED me. LOL

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Carry on...


  1. It's called "tacky" where I come from and not knowing what to wear so you throw it all on thinking it's purty.

    She and "the one" have have about as much class as the dog down the street that loves defecating in everyone's yard. My apologies to the dog for at least the dog is doing what a dog does.

  2. That's what I noticed! THREE different pins? YUCK. But, man, I wish I had her stylists and hair dressers.......she's looking better than she did, that's for SURE!!

  3. I thought a true Christian suffers all things for Jesus, loves all the way Jesus loves all, and turns the other cheek when they are attacked. I don't recall stories in the Bible about Jesus standing on soapboxes and attacking all leaders. He led by example. He led by encouraging his followers to be better people. He led with love. He died for his convictions, peacefully.

    This blog is one of the most non Christ-like examples of behavior I have ever seen.

    I am a young woman in search of answers, and if this is all Christians have to offer each other: anger, finger-pointing, barking, pettiness and discontent... Then I should truly look for another religion.

  4. WOW...I just now saw the last comment and I must say, it knocked the wind out of me...I wish "Anonymous" had left me a way to contact her! Her comment of "This blog is one of the most non Christ-like examples of behavior I have ever seen", truly gives me pause. Jesus spoke out for the truth...soapbox or not. The God I serve IS a God of peace and love...but also righteousness and anger. You can't have one without the other. I am sorry if I have portrayed my Savior in a wrong light. Very sorry. But I will continue to point out evil in our government where I see it. I have no way of knowing how many posts "Anonymous" read before she passed judgement on my blog. I will pray she finds the TRUE God and will ask for forgiveness for myself if I have clouded her (or anyone's) way to Him...