Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introducing Obama's choice for "Regulatory Czar"...

Meet Cass Sunstein

{I realize the hot topic this evening will be B.O.'s desperate push on TV tonight for so called, "Health Care Reform", but I couldn't let this tidbit go by...}

While watching Glen Beck tonight, he pointed out some things about B.O.'s pick for "Regulatory Czar", which according to The Center for Consumer Freedom's David Martosko, a Sunstein critic, "He {the regulatory czar} is the gatekeeper between the president and the secretaries," he said, noting that "as a regulatory czar, he won't be a judge or a legislator, so he cannot make laws. ... What he can do is nudge the departments in the direction of his philosophy," which is very much in line with "hard core animal rights zealots." {AMONG OTHER THINGS...}

Please read the article here:

Apparently, Mr. Sunstein is a huge animal rights activist, who believes animals have the right to file lawsuits in American courts! Further, according to the article, "Writer Kyle Smith suggested Sunstein threatens to tweak libel laws for the Internet and make online writers, particularly bloggers, legally responsible for falsehoods and rumors that get generated in cyberspace.
"Sunstein calls for a 'notice and take down' law that would require bloggers and service providers to 'take down falsehoods upon notice,' even those made by commenters -- but without apparent penalty," Smith wrote. "How long would it take for a court to sort out the truth? (Presidential daughters) Sasha and Malia will be running for president by then. Nobody will care anymore. But it will give politicians the ability to tie up their online critics in court."


Also, according to Glen Beck this evening, Mr. Sunstein co-authored a book with Richard Thaler titled, "Nudge". A review I found about it reads as follows... "This is an engaging, informative, and thoroughly delightful book. Thaler and Sunstein provide important lessons for structuring social policies so that people still have complete choice over their own actions, but are gently nudged to do what is in their own best interests. Well done." link

Again, interesting...

Further, according to Beck, Mr. Sunstein seems to be an admirer of one Peter Singer who wrote "Animal Liberation". According to Wikipedia (hey, don't anybody shoot me, now...if that site isn't credible enough for you, at least investigate on your own LOL!) "He argues that animals should have rights based on their ability to feel pain more than their intelligence. In particular, he argues that while animals show lower intelligence than the average human, many severely retarded humans show equally diminished, if not lower, mental capacity, and intelligence therefore does not provide a basis for providing nonhuman animals any less consideration than such retarded humans".

But what is CHILLING to me is his views on human life and abortion...

"Singer argues that newborns similarly lack the essential characteristics of personhood — "rationality, autonomy, and self-consciousness'— and therefore "killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person, that is, a being who wants to go on living."

Also, "Singer classifies euthanasia as voluntary, involuntary, or non-voluntary".


Is this man serious?????? LINK

This all reminds me of a blog post I entered on my original blog back in January of this year. You might want to take a look at it. Obama and his co-horts seem to be tottering on the brink of population control here...what early progressives fondly referred to as "Eugenics".

Inside one of the links in my post is this from The United Nations Population Fund: "Radio Australia reported on 21 November that Vietnam's government is considering a return to a two child policy in an attempt to control population growth." link

Seems like B.O., as a progressive, wants to surround himself with people who want to get back to the roots of their movement...



  1. Now I am wondering who Mrs Miniver is?
    Interesting the question of false informtion possibly given on blog sites. The problem is that there is quite a lot as there is in all media.

  2. Wow! That czar is scary and may propose a potential danger for constitutional and pro-life bloggers.

    Good site, Sue.


  3. Wonderful article! Keep proclaiming the truth as long as we are permitted. If we get 'shut down, then we will stand on mountain tops with megaphones if necessary to keep the truth alive.

    We watch Glenn Beck every weekday evening. He's on on the few proclaiming the truth in the media.

    Our Representative, Jack Kingston (R-GA), stated quite rightly that Obuma is deliberatly trying to set up a seperate illegal government within the legal government. So, there are good common sense people fighting all this insanity. Keep praying, keep posting, keep fighting the good fight. :o)

  4. They can NUDGE, but we won't BUDGE from the truth. :0)

    Keep pressing on in grace and truth!

  5. Will the Obamacare be the new Eugenics? Will requiring folks to take an unnecessary Swine Flu shot be part of Eugenics? Why the clamour that the flu will affect 40% of US Citizens? Who will be the targeted ones of Obamacares Eugenics. The poor, the conservatives, Christians, those who disagree with "the One"?

    You have certainly opened the door for a lot of questions Sue and rightly so. Keep on asking and keep on reporting on the goings on with the Czars, faceless, nameless people in the Shadow Government that as you pointed out is being formed at this very moment.